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Trucks FAGEOL Motors (CA Corp)


Fageol Truck & Coach -Dick Callaway ATHS Wheels of Time


FAGEOL Truck Data
Fageol Flyer 1.5T'28
Fageol 7-Speed'20s John
Fageol Redman 2.5T'28s-Pg1
F-Redman 2.5T'28s-Pg2
Fageol Redman 3.T'31-Pg1 Rick
F-Redman 3.T'31-Pg2 McClerkin
F-Redman 3.T'31-Pg3
F-Redman 3.T'31-Pg4
Fageol 445&485 6.T'27-Pg1
F-445&485 6.T'27-Pg2
F-Golden Bears(8-12T)'30-pdf
Fageol SerNos-Pg1 Bill
F-SerNos-Pg2 Fageol

Fageol Truck Catalog 1920s
Fageol Compound Trucks Cat-24pp'20s

Fageol Truck Catalog 1926
Fageol Compound Trucks Cat-22pp'26

F-Tk Letters&Prices'27 RMcC

New Fageol Truck Pictures
Six New Factory Pictures
Fageol Factory -Woodwork 20s RMcC
Fageol Factory -Bodywork 20s RMcC
Fageol Factory -Cowlings 20s RMcC
Fageol Factory -Rodwork 20s RMcC
Fageol Factory -Machines 20s RMcC
Fageol Factory -Lathes 20s RMcC
Hal Hays' 3.5-4'21 CA JDF
F-Tk 72 Pix 3 Series RMcC

Three-Axle 846 -JDF
Kirkland Lowbed w/3ax 846
Unloading w/3ax JohnF 846
3ax 846 Engine-Right Side
3ax 846 Engine-Left Side
3ax 846 Right Side
3ax 846 Dual Drive
3ax 846 MidShip
3ax 846 Front'29
3ax 846 Left Side
3ax 846 Right Rear

Fageol-485'28 JDF

FAGEOL Coaches

FAGEOL Safety Coach
Fageol Truck(Oakland)

Auto Transit Co SF-StaCruz c'25

Fageol Safety Coach Brochures & Pix
January 1924 2k printed
Fageol Safey Coach Broc pg1
F-SC Brochure page 2
F-SC Brochure page 3
F-SC Brochure page 4

Safety Coach Brochure
December 1925 Wbf3
Fageol Safety Coach Broc pg0
F-SC Brochure page 1
F-SC Brochure page 2
F-SC Brochure page 3
F-SC Brochure page 4

Fageol SC AT-Co SF-SC c'25s
F-SC 5 Door c'20s 9-Pix-Joan
F-SC 5 Door Description
F-SC DoubleDeck Oak ca'20s
ParlorCarTours ca'20s
F-SC Roof Rack OakCa s-WBF'24
RoofRack commWBF -CastCowl
F-SC Forest Hills SherwdFor'30
F-SC in DC-WH view Wash RapidTr
F-SC West Coast taken 5'27
Cast Aluminum Cowling Wbf3
Blue Goose Flying Sqdn MN'22
Fageol Motors of Ohio (1925)
Fageol Truck & Coach (Oakland)

Fageol&TwinCoach Misc.10s-50s

An RC Modeller in Germany builds an E-Model
Carsten Schwenger builds a 250-300
Printed in German Paper "" Issue Jan 2015

Fageol TWIN COACH (DE Corp)


Old Pueblo Trolley AZ - Warren Bisbee Bus Line #1 Twin Coach Restoration
OPT 1928 M40 -Celebration 4-14
OPT 1928 Model 40 Progress 9'13

Fageol Twin Coach -Dick Callaway-ATHS
TC Model 40 Brochure'27 -OPT
TC Model 40 Brochure'28 -OPT


Twin Coach proto-Model 40 Kent'27
Twin Coach post ww2
Ads & Urban Twin Coach Cat-46pp'47

12 pix small TwinCoach Trolley -TX
13 pix TwinCoach House Car -Cleve
5 pix TwinCoach House Car -H'wood
6 pix TaxiCoach TwinCoach -Kent OH
71 pix Twin/Related -Kent/noted

Smaller Twins
Rear and Front Engs -Build Plate #1646-OH'35
Twin Coach 23R & 30F? Kent OH

Super Twin
Super Freighter
New 23 FactoryPix Fageol CargoLiner'50 Wbf3
Fageol CargoLiner Diesel Army Demo'50
Convertible F-32-F Military
Highway Post Office
Hospital Car 50s -WBF3
Aircraft Division Buffalo
Twin Coach of Canada, Ltd.
Windsor_349_10-27-67_PACB115 -Jerry Fretto
Twin Coach Fleet Sales
Twin Coach Intl. Sales

John J. Fageol (1855-1925)
(wife) Mary (Jones) Fageol

Frank R. Fageol I (Jessie)[JJF-son]
William B. Fageol I (Ida)[JJF-son]
Rollie B. Fageol (Maylou)[JJF-son]
Claud H. Fageol (Edythe)[JJF-son]
Hazel E. Fageol (M.Caldwell)[JJF-dau]

Louis J. Fageol (Caryl)[FRF-son]
William B. Fageol II (Suz)[WBF-son]
Oren B. Fageol (Viola)[FRF-son]
Robley D. Fageol (Peachie)[FRF-son]

Louis R. (Ray) Fageol (Pat)[LJF-son]
William B. Fageol III (Barb)[WBF2-son]
John D. Fageol (Rhonda)[WBF2-son]
Joan Fageol Huff (Ev Huff)[WBF2-dau]
Frank R. Fageol II (Judy) [RDF-son]
Suzanne A. Fageol [WBF2-dau]
Geoffrey Fageol (Karen) [WBF2-son]

Thanks To These Contributors:
LR Fageol (Ray)
WB Fageol III (Bill)
Joan Fageol Huff
JD Fageol (John)
FR Fageol II (Frankie)
Mark Fageol (Vickie)
Robert Fageol Gressard
Sidney Walker
Dick Callaway of ATHS
American Truck Hist Soc
ATHS Wheels of Time
Brad Boyjian (CA) of
CalBoy Equipment
Paul Burke (CA)
Carl & Don Calvert of MTM
Motor Transport Museum (CA)
Gene Caywood of OPT
Roger Hobbie of OPT
OPT-Old Pueblo Trolley (Tucson)
Henry Ellery & Sons (Gloria)(CA)
Ron & Sharon Evans (CA)
Eric Foley (WA)
Al Foglio Portland, OR
Jerry Fretto, Buffalo, NY
Janeene Gregory (WA)
Lee Hannan (CA)
Lee Kinzer (CA)
Howard Kirkland & Son Karl (CA)
William A. (Bill) Luke
Rick McClerkin (CA)
Mark Rolfs (HPO in Oregon)
Mark Theobald of
Hal Hays (Collection)(CA)
Gary Wagner - Restorations(CA)
William A. (Bill) West (Margo)(CA)
Cathy Tyson -Lamorinda Weekly (CA)
Candace Brown -Vintage Truck Mag

Family Material
An Early Trip by Car
Likely FRF, Car Owner, & WBF'00s

An Automotive Innovator's Historical Home - The House that busses built
FR Fageol Home In Orinda CA -Cathy Tyson
This article originally appeared in the Lamorinda Weekly and is included here with permission

FAGEOL Products
Anything NOT Fageol Motors, Truck&Coach, or Twin Coach Bus

FADGL AutoTrain'17
Fageol Tractor '19
New..Tractor Mechanism..WBF3
Hamilton-Fageol Tractor
TwinCoach Fire Pumpers -UK '41
TwinCoach Blimp Gondola ww2 '40s

Engines Crest
Engines Lycoming
Engines Hall-Scott
Engines Waukesha
Engines Continental
Engines Hercules
Engines International
Fageol Engines

FGE-p1.jpg.. 30yrsPrg1.jpg

FADGL Pan-Pacific Auto Train SF'15
FADGL Auto Train Lincoln Pk, Chi'17
Eight Wheel Mtr Veh Co

Fageol TC Delivery Trucks WBF'27
FTC Delivery-Misc'30s Factory-RFGressard
FTC Delivery-Bakery -Catalog'30s-RFG
FTC Delivery-Milk -Catalog'30s-RFG
FTC Delivery-Package-Catalog'30s-RFG
New -Twin Coach -Helms Bakery Story
Twin Coach At The Helms -Candace Brown -Vintage Truck Mag

Fageol Marine 50s
Fageol '44'
Fageol (&AeroJet) V-Drive
Fageol VIP
Fageol '44' Outboard
Fageol '88'
Fageol Products, Inc
PEPCO-Progressive Eng Prods
Pony Express
Fageol Walkee Bike
Flxible-Twin, Flxible
Highway Products, Inc
RD Fageol Co, Inc

Taxi Coach
Taxi Coach -City-Kent-Ohio

Divco, Divco-Wayne
Fageol Auto-1-1900 See Pats
Fageol Automobile-2-1917
Fageol Auto-2-Catalog
Fageol Auto-3-1934 Side
Fageol Auto-3-Front, Pats below
R D Fageol Company, Inc
Twin Industries (Buffalo)

All Fageol US-Pats (174)
RB Fageol US-Pats (86)
FR Fageol US-Pats (17)
WB Fageol US-Pats (49)
RD Fageol US-Pats (11)
LJ Fageol US-Pats (7)
FR Fageol-II US-Pats (1)
F-Related Pats&Assigns (17)


REGISTRY of Printed Matter/Manuals
Early Fageol General Manuals (few)
Early Fageol Catalogs (one)
...(HeavyDuty-Compound Tks'26)
Waukesha Engines (many)
Hall-Scott Manual (one)
Twin Coach (many)(& Parts Manuals)
Twin Coach Advts (many)
Fageol Military F-32-F Convertible
Fageol 44 Series Marine Engines
...(Fact.Manual.Most of)

REGISTRY of Vehicles
Cub 4-Cyl
Super-Cub 6-Cyl
Redman 250-300
3.5-4 Ton
5-6 Ton
445-485 6+Ton
6-Wheelers 8-10-Ton
Golden Bears 8-12-Ton

Twin Coach Delivery
Twin Coach Bus
Highway post Office
Fageol Van
Pony Express

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Trucks and Details Mag -Germany
Roadway Antique Trucks -San Jose
ATHS-American Truck Historical Society
ATHS-Wheels of Time Magazine, see Issues July/Aug & Sep/Oct 2013
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