Fageol Twin Coach Delivery Trucks - Bakery Catalog 1930s JPGs -Robert Fageol Gressard
We have done our best to recover these images from poor photocopies.

FdB-001-cor.jpg Bakery Delivery -Factory Cat
FdB-002-cor.jpg Real House to House -Factory Cat
FdB-003-cor.jpg Returns New Business -Factory Cat
FdB-004-cor.jpg Two Worth-while Viewpoints -Factory Cat
FdB-005-cor.jpg Advanced Construction -Factory Cat
FdB-006-cor.jpg Helms Fleet more than 100 -Factory Cat
FdB-007-cor.jpg Interior Views -Factory Cat
FdB-008-cor.jpg Catching the Public's Eye -Factory Cat
FdB-009-cor.jpg Twin Coach Operators -Pass & Com'l -Factory Cat
FdB-010-cor.jpg General Specifications -Factory Cat
FdB-011-cor.jpg Specifications -Continued -Factory Cat
FdB-012-cor.jpg The Store On Wheels -Factory Cat