Fageol Twin Coach Delivery Trucks - Diary-Milk Catalog 1930s JPGs -Robert Fageol Gressard
We have done our best to recover these images from poor photocopies.

FdM-001-cor.jpg First 6 Diary-Milk Deliverys Cleve,OH -Factory Cat
FdM-002-cor.jpg Old Dobbin - Stops & Starts -Factory Cat
FdM-003-cor.jpg Customer Appeal -Factory Cat
FdM-004-cor.jpg Lower Costs - Specialized -Factory Cat
FdM-005-cor.jpg Specifications -Factory Cat
FdM-006-cor.jpg Specifications - Continued -Factory Cat
FdM-007-cor.jpg Options & Background -Factory Cat
FdM-008-cor.jpg Roster of Motorbus Clients -Factory Cat