Fourteen pictures of a TwinCoach House Car -In Cleveland -Unknown -Identify?
Features no pictures of the outside of bus -Believed to be a Model 40 -1928
Possible connection to Buster Keaton and the House Car in Hollywood CA

In pdf form (14 pages):
TwinCoach Model 40 House Car in pdf -14 pages
In jpg form:
Pic-D Front-to-Front Seats
Pic-E Rear Seats
Pic-F Bed-Seat
Pic-G Front End -Appears early TwinCoach M40
Pic-H Front Aisle -Ice Boxes or Reefer
Pic-I OXO-Gas Generator -Lt of StepWell
Pic-J Bed-Chest -Looking Aft
Pic-K Dinette -Viewed from Closet "L"
Pic-L Closet -Dinette "K" in background
Pic-M Bench-Chest -Looking Aft -Opposite Closet "L"
Pic-S Driver Pull-Out Bed
Pic-U Galley
Pic-X Bed made over Bench-Chest "M"
Pic-Y Bed-Seat in "F" ?