Fageol Twin Coach Delivery Trucks - Package Catalog 1930s JPGs -Robert Fageol Gressard
We have done our best to recover these images from poor photocopies.

FdP-001-cor.jpg Door-To-Door Package Delivery -Factory Cat
FdP-002-cor.jpg Real Store Delivery Vehicle -Factory Cat
FdP-003-cor.jpg No Waste of Space -Factory Cat
FdP-004-cor.jpg 3500 Lbs Payload -A&S & UPS -Factory Cat
FdP-005-cor.jpg Interior Views -Factory Cat
FdP-006-cor.jpg Advanced Principles Construction -Factory Cat
FdP-007-cor.jpg General Specs 6.3',8',11' WB Units -Factory Cat
FdP-008-cor.jpg Specifications -Cont'd -Factory Cat