Twin Coach Ads'46 & Urban Coach Catalog'47 (46 pages)

This Urban Coach Catalog'47 of 46 pages is a large (105 Meg File): Beware
The individual pages follow in jpeg (smaller) form
Urban Coach Catalog'47


Catalog Pages
UrbanCoachCat-pg1 '47
UrbanCC-pg2 Every Decade or so
Ucc-pg3 Contents
Ucc-pg4 Five Fundamental Engrg
Ucc-pg5 Advancements
Ucc-pg6 Private Car Performance
Ucc-pg7 Performance Curves
Ucc-pg8 More Power
Ucc-pg9 Engine Design
Ucc-pg10 Higher Efficiency & Compr
Ucc-pg11 Controlled
Ucc-pg12 Underfloor
Ucc-pg13 Engine Curves
Ucc-pg14 Automatic
Ucc-pg15 Sustains
Ucc-pg16 Practical 41-S
Ucc-pg17 Finish
Ucc-pg18 Interior
Ucc-pg19 Seating & Floor
Ucc-pg20 Standees
Ucc-pg21 Heating & Ventilation
Ucc-pg22 Five Models
Ucc-pg23 Standardized
Ucc-pg24 Model 34-S
Ucc-pg25 Model 34-S Frontal
Ucc-pg26 Model 38-S
Ucc-pg27 Model 38-S Frontal
Ucc-pg28 Model 41-S
Ucc-pg29 Model 41-S Frontal
Ucc-pg30 Model 44
Ucc-pg31 Model 44 Frontal
Ucc-pg32 Forward Body
Ucc-pg33 Windshield
Ucc-pg34 Improved
Ucc-pg35 Ten Door Improvements
Ucc-pg36 Lower Body Features
Ucc-pg37 Steering Gear
Ucc-pg38 Floating Suspension
Ucc-pg39 Torsilastic Springing
Ucc-pg40 Rear Axles
Ucc-pg41 Rear Upper Body
Ucc-pg42 Easy Maintenance
Ucc-pg43 Engine & Auxiliaries
Ucc-pg43a Planned Maintenance
Ucc-pg43a Every Type Service
Ucc-pg44 Rear Cover