71 pictures - All TwinCoach & Related -In Kent OH or as noted

Twin Coach -Pre-War 1926 & On (26)
M40 Proto at Tallmadge (OH) -Circle-Tower -foot of
TwinCoach -First Model 40 #450 -Delivered-1927 Fact Pix T-5070-13
TwinCoach -First Model 40 -Data -Milwaukee WI -Prod TC-101series
TwinCoach M40 -PlushCabin -Touring
TwinCoach M40 -PlushCabin -Touring2
Twin Driver in Cabin - Front Stanchions
TwinCoach Model 30A -Brooklyn Bus Corp #374 -Ocean Pkwy '34
TwinCoach Model 30A -Data 1 window longer than Model 30 -Center Door -250 Busses to NY -Al Bechunt setup the parts
TwinCoach Model 41RTT -TTrolley -Milwaukee WI '36
TwinCoach Model 41RTT -Data 29 Busses #50-#79
Twin Coach 23s -Front Eng -Birmingham AL -1936
Twin-Coach Co. Factory Branch Oakland CA (pre-war)
TwinCoach M44RTT Trackless Trolley -Youngstown OH '36
TwinCoach M44RTT -Picture Data
TwinCoach Passengers -Could be M44 style body
TwinCoach TT -Atlanta 40 Passenger -1937 -TC calls 40RWFT
TwinCoach TT -Data -Atlanta -GA Power Co -calls 41RTT
TwinCoach Trolley 2-Axle -Cleveland OH -29 Units Delivered
TwinCoach Model 35GW -Akron OH (Cuyahoga-Tallmadge Rte)
TwinCoach Model 35GW -Data Destination-Akron Transportation
TwinCoach Model 58RDE SuperTwin -Akron OH - Mill & Main Sts
TwinCoach Model 58RDE -Pic Data -First SuperTwin 58001 '38
TwinCoach Model 58RDE SuperTwin -Baltimore Transit Co '38
TwinCoach Model 58RDE -Pic Data -2nd SuperTwin 58002 '38 pic'40
TwinCoach Model 58RDE -Long Double Bus 58003 -Fact Pix 5121440 '40
TwinCoach Model 58RDE -Pic Data -3rd Super -Interior of 58003

Twin Coach -Persons (21)
TwinCoach -Main Plant -Main & Stow Sts -Kent OH -1930
TwinCoach -Plant Bldgs -Main & Stow Sts -Kent OH -40s
WB Fageol Twin Coach VP-Engineering -1950s
FR Fageol Twin Coach Chairman -1950s
TwinCoach -President (WW2 & later) L J Fageol
TwinCoach -Barbeque -Trader Vic
TwinCoach -Barbeque -Trader Vic2
Twin Coach Engineering Ed Simi -Chief Engineer
Andy Hynten -Unknown Twin Coach person -1950s
TwinCoach March of Dimes -Fund Drive -Bob Johnson & Rupp
TwinCoach Picnic1
TwinCoach Picnic2 1940
TwinCoach Picnic3
TwinCoach Picnic4
TwinCoach Union1
TwinCoach Union2
TwinCoach Union3
TwinCoach Union4
TwinCoach Union Local 40 UAW-CIO
TwinCoach Union6
TwinCoach -Parade Float -TCC

Twin Coach Delivery & Modifieds (5)
Delivery Milk -BelleVernon -at Kent Plant
TwinCoach M40 Cabin Refuse -outside U-joints -NYC
TwinCoach Refuse Dump Truck -Solid Tires @ FR Fageol -Cottage Hill Farm- Pig. Sid Johnson drove it -Kent to Chicago 20 MPH
TwinCoach -Jeep for WB Fageol Farm
TwinCoach -Trailer (unknown) Appears -Horse Trailer

Twin Coach -WW2 Blimp (6)
TwinCoach Blimp Gondola -Jigs & Keels -Kent OH
Twin Gondola at Twin
TwinCoach Kent OH -Blimp Gondola on Jig -Kent OH '43
Twin Coach Blimp Gondola -Erect at USN
TwinCoach Factory -Gondola Stages -Kent OH
TwinCoach Kent OH -Blimp Gondola Kent to Mogadore -Mover Madden

Twin Coach -WW2 Aircraft (11)
Twin Coach Aircraft Tail Sections -On Dollies -Kent OH '43
Twin Coach Aircraft Tail Section -On Rail Flat Car -Kent OH Winter
Twin Coach Aircraft Tail Sections -On W.L.E. Rail Car
TwinCoach Kent OH -WW2 Material -Aircraft Parts '44
TwinCoach Kent OH -WW2 Material -Aircraft Parts2 '44
TwinCoach Factory -Aircraft Spars -Kent OH '44
TwinCoach Factory -Metalworking Tools -Kent OH '44
TwinCoach Factory -Jig & Ribs '44
TwinCoach Factory -Jig & Skin '44
TwinCoach Factory -Frames -Tail Sections '44
TwinCoach Factory -Tail Surface Forming '44

Twin Coach -Post-War (2)
Twin Coach to Akron OH -Frontal
Twin Coach to Akron OH -StreetSide