Fageol Twin Coach Delivery Trucks - Miscellaneous 1930s JPGs -Robert Fageol Gressard
We have done our best to recover these images from poor photocopies.

Fd.1b-Martins-cor.jpg - Martin's Bakery -Factory Pic
Fd.2b-Special-cor.jpg - Special 75 - Drawers -Factory Pic
Fd.3b-Hse2Hse-cor.jpg - Profitable House-to-House Bakery Delivery
Fd.4b-Drawers-cor.jpg - Drawers -Factory Pic
Fd.5m-MilkWag-cor.jpg - Milk Wagon -Factory Pic
Fd.6d-Mca-TcTks-cor.jpg - MotorCoachAge -TwinCoachTrucks-page
Fd.7m-HalfWin-cor.jpg - Half Windows -Views
Fd.8m-DariyLea-cor.jpg - Dairylea Milk NY -Factory Pic
Fd.9d-954-31-cor.jpg - Delivery #954 1931 -Factory Pic
Fd.10m-Brooklyn-cor.jpg - A&S Dairy Brooklyn NY -Factory Pic
Fd.11m-442-cor.jpg - Delivery -442- Milk Door -Factory Pic
Fd.12m-MilkWag2-cor.jpg - Milk Wagon 2 -Factory Pic
Fd.13m-A&S-cor.jpg - A&S Dairy Meadow Gold Milk -Factory Pic
Fd.14m-Wins2-cor.jpg - Half Windows 2
Fd.15m-Wins3-cor.jpg - Half Windows 3/A>
Fd.16d-Driver-cor2.jpg - Driver -Factory Pic
Fd.17d-Controls-cor.jpg - 7505 Controls -Factory Pic
Fd.18m-Catskill-cor.jpg - Catskill View Farms -Factory Pic
Fd.19b-Helmsman-cor.jpg - Helms Helmsman -Cast Driver Award -JDF