Fageol Compound Trucks Catalog 1926 (22 pages)

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Catalog Pages
Fageol Compound Tks-HD'26
Fageol CT-HeavyDuty-GenCat
FCTrucks'26 -Description
FCT'26 -More Description
FCT'26 -Durability
FCT'26 -Transmission
FCT'26 -Motors
FCT'26 -Springs-Brakes
FCT'26 -Service
FCT'26 -AAA & Kern County CA
FCT'26 -Consumer's Ice Co
FCT'26 -Los Angeles
FCT'26 -Body Builders Dimensions
FCT'26 -Model 230 Fageol CT
FCT'26 -Model 340 Fageol CT
FCT'26 -Model 445 Fageol CTSpex
FCT'26 -Model 645 Fageol CTSpex
FCT'26 -Model 360 & 490 Hall-Scott
FCT'26 -Model 360 Fageol CT Spex
FCT'26 -Model 490 Fageol CT Spex
FCT'26 -4 Pictures-Busses&Flts
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